Fix the locker rooms that are trash

Juliana Crews, Staff Writer

 Other schools own better locker rooms compared to our locker rooms, which infers that our school needs to get new locker rooms.

Lots of people use the locker rooms, including: students in gym, athletes and athletes from other schools during games and swim meets. Utica Shelby Swim Club (USSC) and UCS students use the swim locker rooms as well.

 Entering the locker rooms, students notice some showers are broken. Since not many showers work properly, it’s difficult to shower after practice or gym.

 After students use the bathroom, they experience problems flushing the toilet. If they need to wash their hands, they perhaps get unlucky and choose a sink that sprays water.

 The floor is so disgusting, so students can’t walk barefoot throughout the locker room. When students look at the ground, there would be clumps of hair and crumbs from food on the ground.

If students walk barefoot through the locker rooms, there’s a possibility that they’d receive plantar warts.

 Some parents agree the locker rooms are disgusting. Parents of athletes discuss how bad the locker rooms are at events and practices.

 Just think about the other schools using the locker rooms. Those students from other schools most likely think the same thing as everyone else: the locker rooms need to get fixed and cleaned. 

 The locker rooms stay unremodeled since the beginning, so it’s time for a change. 

 Let’s band together and spread the word. If enough people get this message, we could possibly get people to help us pay for this project; the money would go towards new lockers to replace the rusty lockers, new showers and new toilets.