Medical science students get certified

Medical science teacher Suzy Hahn’s students get certification with the American Heart Association


Showcasing lifesaving CPR, junior Peter Snider gets tested for certification. “If the situation were to arise, I can perform basic CPR on a person in need,” he said. Every student physically able to get certified went through testing.

Christina Elezovic, Staff Writer

In medical science teacher Suzy Hahn’s class, students got certified with the American Heart Association in the Heart Saver program. 

“It means that if the situation were to arise, I can perform basic CPR on a person in need,” junior Peter Snider said.

The students went through training to help in emergencies. Dedicated to the certification, the students were busy throughout the entire week before exams preparing for the test;  They prepared by learning about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other lifesaving techniques.

“We are setting the foundation here in high school for future health care professionals, so it’s important for me to make sure they’re understanding the correct criteria to meet the guidelines for their future careers,” Hahn said. 

In total, 130 students got certified this year. Typically most get certified, besides those with physical limitations, such as: asthma or arm injuries that prevent those individuals from going through the process. Historically, the percentage of students to get certified is high. 

“It makes me feel more secure about the goings on around me,” Snider said. “If some incident were to happen, I would be able to help in that situation.”