AP classes are not for everyone


Katina Sutarov

AP students receive tons of homework, which can take hours on end to complete.

Katina Sutarov, Social Media Manager

AP courses are known for being fast-paced, accelerated classes with possible outcomes that could make one’s journey through college much cheaper and easier.

But are AP courses still worth it?

AP classes are college courses jammed into 40 weeks of high school. Students who work diligently in these courses may become frustrated because AP scores are weighted differently from one college to another; some hold the rigor in higher regard than others. Some colleges might accept a lower grade in AP; some will take the 5.0 bump into considerationand others won’t. It depends on the college itself.

Students may feel an AP course is still worth trying, but undergo extreme pressure to perform well because of the costly $92 test. A $92 test students receive one attempt at. And the pressure can put too much weight on one’s shoulders.

While there’s financial help offered by schools through the College Board to help pay for the tests costs, some students and families may be embarrassed to ask.

It’s important students take classes they can handle. Pressure to perform well for school and to score high on tests causes high test anxiety and leads to even lower scores, according to David W Putwain of Semantic Scholar. Even though there are cons about AP courses, there can be solutions made to fix them.

In order to make the AP program better for students, changes must be made. There needs to be meetings about the course. The contract that restricts dropping AP classes should be revoked. A few of these steps could be taken so more students feel little pressure. Ensuring students know they can drop the course any time, and have a counselor to talk to, will ease pressure by giving them support and ways to receive help or get out if the course becomes too much.

It’s important students take classes they can handle.Schools need to stop pushing AP courses on students so much because not everyone is made to take them. A college course being taught in such a rushed time limit isn’t ideal for some students.

Learning a college course in a rushed and pressured 40 weeks is not justifiable for all students and shouldn’t be so forced upon students to take.