Gun Violence in Schools Opinion

Aidan Pendleton, Online Writer

Guns have no place in our country’s schools; they endanger students and faculty members.


There is only one group of people in school who should have authorized access to weapons: the security guards. If there’s increased access for teachers to use firearms, that also increases access of firearms to kids in the school. This is unacceptable, as students shouldn’t even be remotely close to any type of weaponespecially in a school.


Non-violent actions will help the most in getting rid of the gun problem.


School shootings happen all around the country. Virginia Tech, the school with the most deaths during its attack, sustained 32 deaths of students and faculty members. This college had their own police department there and the shooter still made it inside with a weapon. Guns won’t help remove the gun problem; it will just make it worse.


Students should feel safe in their school. Some people claim more guns give more security to the kids. Although, more guns may put kids’ at ease, a new fear rises: what if a student gets their hands on one of the teachers guns inside the school?


Shootings outside of schools are already a huge problem and adding guns to school would put the future of our people in danger. Parents fear for their kids in school, whether it’s about grades or the kids overall safety in school.


If parents and staff really want more safety in schools, they should invest money into metal detectors at the doors, rather than guns and training. That would eradicate most dilemmas with guns inside schools before they even happen.


When people realize allowing guns inside schools is a bad idea, schools will be that much safer. Just leave school security to the police, the real caretakers.