2019 Best Video Games Review

Evan Mowers, Online Writer

A new year brings new games.

“Days Gone”

“Days Gone” is a single player, survival, horror game for PlayStation 4. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world in third person perspective. It’s a great shooting game with amazing graphics and the use of different vehicles, it’s more than just a shooting game. The “Freckers” are a unique choice of villains as infected animals, such as bears and wolves. This game is great for zombie fans and high adventure fans.

The bad parts about “Days Gone” are how the only game mode is single player and it’s only on PlayStation 4. If they made it for Xbox or P.C., more people could play it. Despite the negative, the company could add multiplayer and make it for Xbox 1 and P.C.. “Days Gone” deserves

4.5/5 stars and has a chance to be game of the year.

From “Days Gone” to a new game in a well known series, “Devil May Cry 5” is a fan-favorite of the series that doesn’t look like it’s going to stop.

“Devil May Cry 5” is the fifth installment of the “Devil May Cry” series. This is an action-adventure, hack and slash video game released for Xbox 1, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows (P.C.).

Devil May Cry 5

“Devil May Cry 5” is focused on fast-paced style action. The gameplay is smooth and better than the rest of the series. The objective is to fight off hordes of demons with a variety of attacks and weapons. The new weapons in this game, like the Yamato and the Devil Sword, make the characters look even more awesome.

However, for the first time playing the series, it’s hard to understand the plot; it’s recommended to play the first games of the series before the others. Even though it’s hard to understand, this game is is one of the most popular of the series. This game receives 4/5 stars and highly recommended.

Another famous series is “ Resident Evil” which started back in 1996. Over 23 years later, this series is still going strong.

“Resident Evil 2”

This “Resident Evil 2” game is a remake of the “Resident Evil” game from 1998, and can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 1 and Windows. It is a horror survival game, as a police officer and a college student attempt to escape a zombie apocalypse.

It’s a third person shooter and there’s two different difficulties: normal and hardcore. Normal can save as many times as needed. While in hardcore difficulty, players need to collect a certain number of “ink ribbons” and then save. For a remake, it’s an excellent game and very similar to the second installment.

The only poor aspect are the camera angles. The camera angles keeps changing at the wrong time and it could lead to losing the level. Despite the camera angles and its similarity to the predecessor, it’s a remake. Remakes are supposed to be similar. “Resident Evil 2” lands a 4/5 stars as a successful remake.

With all of these games out of the way, 2019 is off to a good start. The best game has to be “Days Gone,” but the others are close runners up.