Summer homework is a bummer

Katina Sutarov, Page leader

School’s almost out and after 10 months of homework, projects and tests, most students are looking forward to summer vacation; but summer isn’t that exciting when there is so much homework to do over break.

About fifty-six percent of students consider homework as a main factor of stress which can then lead to health complications, according to a study by Stanford University,

If too much homework causes stress, then assigning even more over the summer-when all it does is give the student less time to enjoy their break-is unnecessary and nobody gains anything from it.

Nearly 40 percent of high school students are disengaged from school, meaning they lack motivation, according to Oxford Learning. Homework’s more than likely a cause as to why students disengage from school, because of the stress it causes and the frustration of coming home from school, hoping for a break only to have to do even more work.

Some may argue summer homework should be assigned because students forget what they learn when they don’t have to apply it or learn about it anymore.

Although this may be true, if students care enough about remembering what they learned, teachers can offer resources for them to use for practice over the summer.

Summer homework is overall pointless and leads to stress and less motivation from students for the upcoming school year. This can easily be solved if teachers just didn’t assign any more summer homework. School’s out for the summer. Let’s keep it that way.