Spirit week is here


Jessica Barjuca

Jessica Barjuca, Staff Writer

For one full week before homecoming, students dress up to a theme and express their school spirit.  

“I think we did a great job setting up for spirit week and we put a lot of time into picking the names and making the posters to spread the word, as well as speaking about it on social media,” Student Council member Maryam Odeesh said.

Spirit week starts off on Monday, Sept. 7 where students will wear their class shirt. The next day is “Tourist Tuesday.” This day will consists of students wearing outfits with sunglasses, fun socks, binoculars, bucket hats, etc. “Hideaway Wednesday” is next, where students will wear camo to school. On Thursday it’s “can’t be tamed,” where crazy clothing and hair will be worn. On Friday, which is also the homecoming game, it’s “Nocturnal” so wear all black—not only to school, but to the game as well.

Spirit week continues Monday after the homecoming dance. Students and teachers are encouraged to get comfortable and wear pajamas or onesies.

“I enjoy spirit week,” junior Lance Porter said “It’s nice to see what people come up with on each day and I also like to participate as well. It shows the school spirit we have and the excitement for homecoming.”