Art club’s wild lights night

Isaac LaFontaine, Staff Writer

It was bright and glowing. The area was lit up, leaving no corner of the Detroit Zoo untouched with the decorations.

“It was an amazing time,” sophomore Madison Sieczka said.” It was like spending time with family.”

Art teachers Jennifer Ramirez and Josephine Braun organized an activity with art club students and their families to spend some time after school at the Detroit Zoo.

“It was a celebration; a way to spend time together after school, ” Ramirez said. “This kind of club activity is what builds the club itself.”

Everyone came separately and gathered near the front of the zoo and soon they were off. Together they explored to admire the wild lights event set up annually.

“It was just a cool thing for us to do. It was very fun,” Sieczka said.” We just hung out and had a good time while we were there.”