Catey paints face

Piper Trembour, Staff Writer

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Makeup. Today this is a way for many young people express their individuality.

“I think makeup represents whatever you want it to represent. It can represent your emotions or your creativity,” sophomore Amanda Catey said.

Makeup has become a way of self expression, almost like an artform. After all, professionals are called makeup “artists”.

“I used to watch my grandma do her makeup in the mornings when I was little. It always fascinated me.”

Each person gets their start somewhere different from someone else. Catey got hers from her grandmother. When looking up to someone, you start to want to be like them and for her it began with makeup, according to Catey.

“I get my inspiration from beauty trends I see on social media. It’s fun to try out all the different trends that appear.”

Makeup is more than a classic Marilyn Monroe red lip anymore. From green highlighter to ombré lipstick, new beauty trends are always popping up and ready to try for makeup addicts.



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