Patriots Day Review

Ryley Chinn, Staff Writer

Movies based on true stories tend to be hit or miss.

“Patriots Day”, which is based on true events, tells the story of a Boston police officer during the chaos of the 2013 Boston

Marathon bombings.

Boston born actor Mark Wahlberg did an excellent job portraying the film’s protagonist, Sergeant Tommy Saunders. Wahlberg’s

acting thoroughly convinced watchers that he experienced the terrorist attack first hand.

“Patriots Day” did a great job recreating the bombing. The cinematographers incorporated real security camera footage from

businesses near by.

The movie provided views from different angles— the police, the terrorists and even victims of the attack.

“Patriots day” was the ultimate tribute to the city of Boston. The movie was executed with tasteful and considerate care.

“Patriots Day” is a must see. It’s a definite hit.

Rating: 9/10 stars