Students participate in spirit week


Linsley J. Snider

Juniors Leah Schultz, Emma Morisett and Emma Nowaczyk wore their homecoming shirts for spirit week. "I really love this week because the students get to show their school spirit and have a fun time doing it," Morisett said. The girls are dressed up for their first hour tally.

This week was the annual homecoming spirit week consisting of five days of dressing up and competition.

“I always get excited about homecoming week when people go all out ,” junior Samuel Zulueta said.

The spirit days consisted of pajama Day, find your sidekick, homecoming shirts, choose your side, and class shirts day.

“My favorite day is pajama day because I like seeing people go all out like wearing footy pajamas and also because I get to be comfy and have an excuse to look stupid ,” junior student council member Bianca Lombardini said.

First hour teachers take a tally everyday on the number of students that have participated and at the end of the week they add it up and which ever class’s score if the highest wins breakfast.

“I get really competitive every year and always try to get all my classmates involved; I love spirit week because it gives me a way to showcase my competitive side and an opportunity to win.”