25 Mile Road under construction


25 mile road has been under construction since June 19th.

“The construction on 25 mile road has been really inconvenient and annoyed me because I use it to get to work, friend’s houses and school and while it’s been blocked off I’ve had to take detours which take longer and costs me more in gas money,” Senior Alaina Goodman said.

Over the summer and now into the school year, there has been work on sewer and water main pipes along with repaving the road with new asphalt that does not yet have marker lines.The road work is expected to end by the end of September.

“The fact that the construction work isn’t done yet makes me mad,” Junior Robert Greunow said. “Because most things I go to are on 25 or I use 25 and throughout summer I had to find alternative ways to get to them or didn’t go at all because I didn’t feel like going out of the way.”