Dress code raises issues

Cold weather is over and so are the winter coats, long jeans and thick sweaters. The warmth is emerging, leaving staff members to crack down on student dress code.

The staff deals with girls in short shorts and guys with tasteless words and symbols sprayed across their muscle shirts. While the staff shouldn’t have to see guys boxers with their pants sagging halfway to the floor or girls underwear through their leggings, dress code is too strict.

Certain clothing styles and language should be dealt with because they create an environment that is a “distraction to students learning,” according to the current dress code. Teachers or staff member won’t hesitate to send a student to the office if they believe the teen’s outfit too revealing or inappropriate. If dress coded, students are forced to wear old and over-sized clothing from the lost and found for the remainder of the day. Not only is this uncomfortable but also embarrassing.

The strict dress code needs to loosen up a bit and be more open to the ever-changing fashions of high school, while still encouraging respectable clothing. Doing so will make the end of the school year less of a hassle for students and teachers.  In order to reach a state of comfort for the faculty and students, both parties need to find a common ground through discussion and compromise.

Dress code policies are beat to death every school year, as current fashion trends are paraded around school. shorts above the knee are not the worst thing that could walk through the front doors.