Spring breakdown

Partying the night away with friends, drinking irresponsibly until the sun comes up, relieving all the stress from school. This may sound like the perfect spring break, but it comes with consequences.

Most students focus on the partying and “fun” that comes with a spring break trip; they don’t even realize all the possible negative results.

The drinking and intense partying has gotten way out of control. Students abuse the lowered drinking age in foreign countries and put themselves in dangerous situations.

2,600 Americans are arrested on spring break overseas each year and every year at least one spring breaker dies from falling off a balcony, according to DoSomething.org.

Staying safe may not be a top priority for many students, but it sure is for parents. Foreign countries are just as the name suggests, foreign and unfamiliar. Sending a teenager off to a potentially dangerous area is very scary for parents. Staying safe and secure is much more important than drinking the night away in Mexico.

Money is another issue when it comes to a dream spring break trip. Students usually aren’t the ones paying for it, so $2,000 doesn’t seem too expensive. Trip costs could be saved and put towards a college education, which is more beneficial in the long run. A car or a new computer, both of which will last much longer than one week of partying in the Bahamas, could be purchased with the money spent on spring break.

Prom is also just around the corner and for parents, prom means money money, more money. Not spending money on a luxurious spring break trip could result in a fancier dress or a more handsome tuxedo.

Instead of wasting money, risking safety or partying in a potentially dangerous country, a better alternative would be traveling somewhere close, such as Kalahari or Cedar Point. Both of these alternatives are safer, much less expensive and just as fun.

    Going to the movies with friends, taking a fun trip to a water park, spending time with family. It’s cheaper, just as fun and doesn’t come with as many consequences.